Monday, 9 November 2015

Annihilate comfort zones via S&M

The only discovery of self is via the realization of self through all its guises facets and personalities.
Those of the exploratory and creative mind enrich their own personal journey by surrendering themselves to new experiences always the ever evolving process.
Sexuality in essence is the catalyst to empowerment and self-confidence whatever labels one wishes to tag to themselves, not forgetting the fluidity of ever changing ideas and experiences which are usually freshly directed via our subconscious even if the logical mind quite rightly refuses to accept such notions.

Logical thinkers would see the journey & practices of S&M bewildering, weird and totally insane however respectfully that type of stagnant and safe reality is not the ethos for those that venture and desire such liberation.

Some like myself truly savour the next thrill, the next shared union between two or more energies fusing in tangent to the ecstatic brilliance of a harmonic S&M experience.  Only a Sadist and Masochist understands this or someone open to overcoming their fears in trust with offering themselves over to idea of exploring their will, wits and completeness while lulling between the safety of comfort and finally annihilating the zones of such rigidity.

By exploring & challenging your fears thus creates self-confidence and liberation.